[Bioclusters] RLX blades & BioIT World San Diego roll call

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Hi Chris (all),
	My name is Mike McCardle - I am the lead engineer for RLX's compute
cluster solutions. If you have any questions at all on running LSF, SGE,
PBS... on ServerBlades,  "why RLX did that...." or how we did our
benchmarking please send me an email. Attached is a link to the white paper
I wrote earlier this year and our cluster solution user's guide. The white
paper covers some really high level/general stuff at the beginning and then
gets into the performance numbers in the 2nd half of the paper.  


Mike McCardle
Systems Software Engineer
RLX Technologies, Inc.
25231 Grogans Mill Rd.
Suite 600
The Woodlands, Tx 77380


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Hi folks,

I'm getting some blade server eval hardware shortly from RLX including 
the 667mhz transmeta server blades as well as some PIII based blades. I 
plan on testing them out with both gridengine and platform LSF and am 
open to suggestions/requests for specific benchmark tests or use cases. 
Remote acccess via SSH to the mini-cluster may not be out of the 
question as well if anyone has very specific stuff they'd like to try 
out. Drop me a line if interested.

2nd: Roll Call
Are people going to the BioIT World Expo event in San Diego 
(http://www.bioitworldexpo.com) this November? Is it worth trying to get 
a biocluster BOF or pub-night event going on the 12th or 13th?


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