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I confirm the same behavior between the Dell 5012 and Extreme Networks
Alpine 3808 switch:
The GBIC / fiber port on the 5012 indicates a link; however, the Alpine
switch doesn't see anything.  However, it does work when I use one of the
copper ports from the 5012 to interconnect the switches.  Is the problem you
are experiencing associated with the GBIC ports (11 & 12)? Perhaps this is a
Dell problem?


Michael Athanas, Ph.D.
Life Science Informatics Consultant
508.259.1939 (direct)

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> Chris,
> I found your email via a Google search for Dell switches.  Do you have any
> experience with using then in a Cisco environment.  I am currently testing
> a Dell Powerconnect 5012 with and Cisco 3548XL before throwing it onto
> my network.  It ain't workn'.  The interface on the Dell reads as up
> the Cisco has hard down.   I have already spoken to Cisco and had to
> "no" there proprietary loop-detect algorithm to get the line to stop
> flapping
> but like I said now its down down.  Any thoughts?
> Regards,
> Brian Ertel
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