[Bioclusters] Position available in Cambridge, Mass.

John C. Morris bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 19 Aug 2003 11:05:33 -0400

   The biocluster list has a great following and I wanted to tap into it =
to see if there were any interested individuals interested in joining our =
group.  We have a position open in the bioinformatics department for an =
admin/engineer to help support our systems.  Below is a job description.  =
Any interested parties should email me directly.

John C. Morris
Manager/Principal Research Engineer
Bioinformatics Technology Operations
Wyeth Research

Bioinformatics Staff Scientist/Systems Administrator

Wyeth Bioinformatics is seeking an experienced Scientist/Systems Administra=
tor to contribute to developing, maintaining, and administering a =
Bioinformatic Analysis Infrastructure and high performance technical =
computing environment used to support ongoing research.  The candidate is =
expected to interact extensively with Bioinformatics Staff and Discovery =
Research scientists and to enable their research efforts through supporting=
 the usage and development of the Wyeth Bioinformatics Infrastructure.

Major responsibilities include:
=B7	Administrate GCG/Accelrys user accounts and databases.
=B7	Construct, daily upgrade, and maintain internal biological =
sequence databases.
=B7	Provide support for existing Bioinformatic sequence/structural =
analysis applications and software development environments through =
software installation, configuration and usage of strong administrative =
programming skills
=B7	Work with developers, bioinformaticians, vendors, and scientific =
community to investigate, develop and implement application technology and =
systems to support enterprise Genomic/Bioinformatic research. This is to =
include but not be limited to Open Source software (apache, perl, tomcat, =
etc), bioinformatics tools and applications (BLAST, FASTA, etc) and =
commercial systems (GeneLogic, Accelrys, LSF, LIMS, etc).
=B7	Develop/Support the establishment of distributed resource =
management system and compute cluster for Bioinformatic tools and =
=B7	Work closely with Bioinformatics staff and Discovery Research =
Scientists to advise them, and support Bioinformatic application usage to =
achieve research goals.=20
=B7	Comply with research, corporate, and industry guidelines and =

This is a Staff Scientist II position in Bioinformatics.  Qualified =
candidates should therefore possess either a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, =
Bioinformatics, Computer Science or related discipline with 2-4 years of =
relevant experience, or alternately a B.S. in the above disciplines and =
5-7 years of relevant experience in an academic or commercial research =
environment.   Proficiency with UNIX (Irix/Linux/Solaris/Tru64/HP-UX/) is =
a must, as is demonstrated experience with GCG/Accelerys administration, =
Perl, UNIX project management using make and shell programming, and =
detailed knowledge of common Bioinformatics tools and algorithms (BLAST, =
FASTA, HMM, PHYLIP, etc.), public databases, and open source resources.  =
Experience with common statistical models and/or programming in S/S-PLUS/R =
is a plus, as is experience with Oracle, MySQL, shell scripting, Apache, =
Java, High density/high performance SAN/NAS, Windows NT/2000/2003, =
networking (Ethernet, TCP/IP, fibre channel), and backup.  Excellent =
technical and troubleshooting skills are necessary as well as strong =
attention to detail and documented policies and procedures. Knowledge of =
client/server systems, web-based applications, and databases are desirable.=
 Strong interpersonal and verbal and written communication skills are =
essential. Self-motivation and the ability to work effectively both =
independently and in a team environment are important. Previous experience =
in a biotechnology or pharmaceutical environment is a plus.