[Bioclusters] cluster hardware question

Jeff Layton bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 11:41:23 -0500

> > If you assume that you are running on one instance of your app per
> > CPU and that you can only address 3.5 Gig of memory per CPU, then
> > that leaves you with around 8 Gigs to play with (giving a generous
> > 1 Gig for the OS). While RAM is expensive compared to disk, this
> > idea is also much faster than disk. Would 8 Gigs be enough for some,
> > many, lots of people?
> Some.  I think the PAE stuff lets you address up to 64 GB, but I dont
> know how well it works.  I have heard it slows things down a bit.  Using
> it as a ram disk for swap space (ala the old Crays with the SSD) could
> be interesting.

We're toying with that idea as well. Also, we're looking at using the
extra memory for a diskless node, so you can copy what you need
to the RAM-disk. This way the nodes can be moved around from
one secure area to another without having to swap disks.



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