[Bioclusters] CPU coolers for Athlon MP 2200+

Joe Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
10 Jul 2003 12:02:57 -0400

Hi Bonnie:

  What you want is a large thermal conducting mass.  Aluminum is not as
good a thermal conductor as copper.  There are other issues as well
(heat capacity, specific heat, etc).  You also want as large a surface
area to dissipate heat as possible, as well as large air flows (measured
in CFM).

  I have been using ThermalTake Cu6+ for a while on my AMD systems with
good results.  Note:  (this voids the CPU warranty I think) I remove the
phase change material, and use Arctic Silver III compound on all of the
heat sinks.  The phase change material is not as good a conductor of
heat, and as a result, even with the copper core of the ThermalTake, the
CPUs were running at the mid 50 deg C mark and higher.  With the better
heat sink and compund my machines are in the low 40's.

  Higher RPM fans or larger fans on the heat sink generate better air
flows.  Higher RPM's mean more noise.  Larger fans are lower noise for
the same CFM, with lower RPM.  Airflow within the case is critical to
maintaining reasonable temperatures.  The disks are usually problematic,
as are the power supplies.

  The ThermalTake's are about $20/unit.  For a reasonable sized cluster,
this is problematic.  Also, they will not fit into a 1 U case.  This is
also a consideration.  If you need that sort of specialized cooling,
send me a note offline, and I will try to dig up some sources for you.


On Thu, 2003-07-10 at 11:43, BHurwitz@twt.com wrote:
> Hi,
> We are having trouble with our fans failing on our cluster.  We are
> currently using Y.S. Tech Fans, DC12V 4.14 W.
> Do any of you have recommendations for a higher end fan, that would work
> with Athlon MP 2200+ processors?  Since Althon processors are so heat
> sensitive, we are having major issues with burning up CPUs and motherboards
> when the fans fail.  I need to find something more reliable.
> I have looked at the recommended fans on the AMD website...but I'd like to
> know what working in the field.
> Thanks!
> Bonnie
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