[Bioclusters] High Availability Clustering

Osborne, John bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 11:27:56 -0400

Hi Chris,

>Your experience may vary but I've found SGE and LSF to be superior to all 
>versions of PBS that I've ever used. They all will work at the end of the 
>day but some packages require more care/feeding and operational overhead 
>over time than others.  
It's probably best that we start into it slowly for now, I don't think we
run enough jobs for that extra performance since the load on our cluster is
pretty low.  For instance this month (highest month of usage thus far) we
have run ~400 jobs in our PBS queue, translating into maybe 200 CPU days.
We just don't stress it enough.

>If you are running OpenPBS instead of at least PBSPro I'd argue 
>semi-seriously that you are silly to even be considering HA hardware 
>techniques for your cluster :)
Let me introduce you to my boss...  :)