[Bioclusters] updated cluster finishing script system

Joseph Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 07 Oct 2003 15:32:57 -0400


  I updated my cluster finishing script package.  This package allows
you to perform post-installation configuration changes (e.g. finishing)
for an RPM based cluster which maintains image state on local disks.  It
used to be specialized to the ROCKS distribution, but it has evolved
significantly and should work with generalized RPM based distributions.

  Major changes:

1) No RPMs are distributed (this is a good thing, read on)

2) a build script generates customized RPMs for you after asking you 4

(please, no jokes about unladen swallows, neither European nor

   These RPMs allow you to customize the finishing server and the
finishing script client as you require for your task.  This includes
choosing the server's IP address (used to be hard-coded to,
the server's export directory (used to be hard-coded to /opt/finishing),
the cluster's network (used to be hard-coded to, and the
cluster's netmask (used to be hard-coded to

3) Documentation (see below)

Have a look at http://scalableinformatics.com/finishing/ for more
details, including new/better instructions.  It is licensed under the
GPL for end users.  Contact us offline if you want to talk about
redistribution licenses.

I use it to help create installations for codes like R, bioperl, etc. 
Works quite well for codes or configuration that cannot easily be mapped
into RPM formats.


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