[Bioclusters] gridMathematica and bioinformatics

Andrew A. de Laix bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 13:46:19 -0700

Dear Mr. Dagdigian,=0D
	I am doing research on how Mathematica is used in biology, and I=0D
stumbled across an email exchange you had on the bioclusters email list=0D
about gridMathematica.  Firstly, where you successful in getting=0D
gridMathematica to run satisfactorily?  I would be interested in knowing ho=
you have been applying Mathematica and gridMathematica to bioinformatics an=
related problems.  What features did you find useful?  How can we make it=
easier to use Mathematica and gridMathematica?  What features would you lik=
to see in future versions of Mathematica and gridMathematica?  =0D
	I would also be interested in hearing about your experiences in=0D
running bioPerl. It is obvious the open source collaborations like bioPerl=
are important to the biology community, so Wolfram Research is interested i=
providing some similar kinds of resources for Mathematica users in this=0D
field.  Though Mathematica will remain a proprietary system, there is no=0D
reason that applications for biology and informatics written in Mathematica=
can't part of the public domain.  What are some steps that you could see=0D
Wolfram Research taking that would help build and support a community of=0D
Mathematica developers in biology?  What is the best way to organize this=
community and ensure that it gets broad exposure to those interested in=0D
using Mathematica for biological research?=0D
	If you have insights into any of these questions or you have any=0D
other input to offer, I would appreciate hearing from you.  Please don't=0D
hesitate to email me or, if you prefer, give me a call at 510-65-5806 (this=
is a California number).  I look forward to hearing from you.=0D
Andrew de Laix =0D
Andrew A. de Laix, PhD=0D
Business Development Manager=0D
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