[Bioclusters] BioEdit replacement to work under windows xp

Achille Talon bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 21 Apr 2004 06:16:00 GMT

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I have made my own version of bioedit, from v5.09, i have replaced clustal by 
the 1.83 version to run under windows xp (it works in any windows version), and 
i have added the windows version of clustal 1.83 too, i put "dna for windows" in 
accessory applications to allow upper/lowercase manipulation in sequence and 
translation of uppercase only. I have updated bookmarks, add shortcuts 
and "sequence manipulation suite" javascript tools for DNA, all in one 
installation program.
I cannot put it on the web because i didn't manage to ask software authors (i.e 
tom's Hall bioedit) if i can distribute this "modified" version with their 
permission. But...
And sorry if my english is not very good...

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