[Bioclusters] re: mpiblast problems

Jason Gans bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 16:15:59 -0600


The following error message:

>Unknown message tag (-32766) received by 1
>UUnknUkUnknknonwonwonwown nm nm nm mesessessesssagaegaegaege t at at
>atag g( g( g( (-3-23-23-232767667667666) )r )r )r
>reececeeceeceiivevievievedd b db db byy 2 y3 y4 5

is actually four error message that have been "intercolated" by MPI. All 
worker output to
stderr or stdio is displayed by the master node one byte at a time and on a 
first come,
first serve basis.

In this case, it appears that an unknown message tag was broadcast to each 
of the
worker nodes (causing each to print the an error message and exit). You 
mentioned that
the master node may be using a different version of mpiBLAST -- this may be 
the cause
of the errors. Since message tags are used by the master to request 
database sequences
cached in the memory of the worker nodes, it is crucial that both master 
and worker nodes
use the same dictionary of message tags.

If you continue to get errors, please let me know.


Jason Gans
Bioscience Division, B5
Los Alamos National Laboratory