[Bioclusters] Forums for XServe discussions

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Dec 2 10:57:39 EST 2004

I'm sort of torn on this but I finally came down on the side of "there 
are way more biocluster subscribers than iNquiry users" so I'd rather 
not subject this list to lots of iNquiry-product related talk.

Xserve clustering discussions belong here but iNquiry questions about 
Pise hacking, SGE tuning and application integration etc. belong elsewhere.

To that end I've created a new mailing list called 
"inquiry-users at bioteam.net" and the subscribe page is here:



Michael Redmond wrote:

> Is this the primary forum where I would find discussions of the Xserve 
> and iNquiry systems? I am interested in finding or starting other forums 
> with specific, detailed discussion of iNquiry on Xserve. If you know of 
> others, please let me know.

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