[Bioclusters] mpiBLAST 1.3.0 (finally) released

Jeremy S Archuleta jsarch at lanl.gov
Wed Dec 8 16:50:28 EST 2004

mpiBLAST 1.3.0 has (finally) been released. It incorporates several major 
design changes that improve reliablilty, performance, and accuracy.

Key enhancements are:
 - utilizes latest NCBI Toolbox (Oct 20, 2004)
 - E-value scores are exact and identical to scores reported by NCBI 
BLAST by using both the effective query and effective database lengths. 
(It is necessary/required to patch the NCBI Toolbox before compilation)
 - Database pipelining speeds up database distribution by limiting access 
to shared filesystem. Number of concurrent accesses is a run-time option 
 - Results pipelining reduces memory requirements for large query sets.
 - Database distribution can occur through cp, scp, or rcp system 
calls, through MPI function calls (MPI_Send/MPI_Recv), or not at all if you 
choose to use the shared filesystem as local storage. It is a runtime 
option (--copy-via).

mpiBLAST version 1.3.0 was a long time in coming, but is the fastest, 
most exact, and most stable version of mpiBLAST yet.

Download it here: http://mpiblast.lanl.gov

- the mpiBLAST team

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