[Bioclusters] Apple "Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics" on apple.com uses the new G5 Xserves

Chris Dagdigian bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 06 Jan 2004 18:24:21 -0500

Hi folks,


This is a prepackaged informatics cluster with 2,4 or 8 Xserve nodes 
mounted in a really nice XtremeMac rack that is quiet enough to be used 
under a desk or in a 'normal' office type setting.

We had been working on trying to get a SKU-level config similar to this 
into the Apple sales channel for a while now. Primary focus was (I 
believe) the higher education market. The original plans assumed that 
the regular G4 Xserves would be used.

Then we started hearing all sorts of interesting things in December'03 
regarding G5 CPUs in high-density packaging :)

Macworld today confirmed the existance of 1U Xserve systems shipping 
with single or dual G5 CPUs.

Then this page appears on apple.com and it all fell together.

We hope to have one of these in our Cambridge, MA hardware lab fairly 
soon. If people are interested we can probably host a gathering for 
people who want to see the new G5 rackmounts up close and personal.


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