[Bioclusters] updated RPM-ified BLAST available

Joe Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 18:46:32 -0500

Hi folks:

  I had sent a note out last night, but I think the server hiccuped.  

  I have created a nice and simple source RPM for compiling/building
NCBI Toolkit.  This RPM allows you to easily incorporate it in your RPM
based cluster install.  I built a spec file for NCBI and created a
source RPM which you can pull down from



  I added in the Opteron patches as discussed on this group last year. 
These patches will be applied if the target is x86_64.

  To build this RPM into a set of binary RPMs, do the following as root

        rpmbuild --rebuild NCBI-2.2.7-2.src.rpm

If you want to build for a specific target processor, use the --target
option, as in
        rpmbuild --rebuild --target x86_64 NCBI-2.2.7-2.src.rpm

Please let me know if you find any problems.  One problem seen in
previous RPM versions of the NCBI toolkit had to do with formatdb
creating things named "(null).pal" with lots of "(null)" running around
inside.  Please let me know if you find such a critter.

Joseph Landman, Ph.D
Scalable Informatics LLC
email: landman@scalableinformatics.com
  web: http://scalableinformatics.com
phone: +1 734 612 4615