[Bioclusters] Fwd: pre-configured clusters

Robert Myers bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Thu, 22 Jan 2004 14:29:33 -0500

Rayson Ho wrote:

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>>From: "Sean C. Garrick" <garrick@me.umn.edu>
>>Subject: pre-configured clusters
>>Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 09:30:54 -0600
>>This is good news. Hopefully there will other communications options 
>>soon. I spent several hours yesterday learning about Infiniband.
Infiniband is starting to show some life again, but it is still very 
expensive as opposed to the other components of most commodity clusters. 
Look for prices to come down. Wait if you can. Take note of the price of 
Infiniband switches now and see what they look like at the end of 2004. 
Also expect more cost-effective solutions on the HCA (host channel 
adapter) side, also very expensive at the moment.

SGI Altix 350 probably a better buy


"The SGI Altix 350 is priced starting at $12,199. A 4-processor 
configuration carries at a list price of $21,599, or $5,400 per processor. "

The Apple cluster comes standard with gigabit ethernet: an acceptable 
interconnect only for a limited number of problems. The SGI uses 
proprietary Numa-Link, which is at least competitive with Infiniband, a 
much faster and much more expensive solution than gigabit ethernet, but 
the Altix 350 looks like a really good buy, especially if you're looking 
for a pre-packaged solution.