[Bioclusters] opteron vs xeon quad cpu boxes

Kevin Carr bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 06 Jul 2004 16:23:43 -0400

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> On Tue, 6 Jul 2004 15:35:15 +0000 (UTC), Ognen Duzlevski wrote
>> Hi,
>> we are looking at a quad-cpu server for our bioinformatics apps like
>> multithreaded clustalw, blast and some in-house multithreaded
>> application I developed over time.
>> I noticed that I can get a basic 8GB RAM 4xOpteron 848 with a RAID
>> controller and a couple of hdds for close to $17,000. At the same time
>> it looks like I can get a 4xXeon MP 2.7Ghz with the same ram/hdd
>> configuration for close to the same price.
> Really (quad opteron price)?  Parts alone for those units in that config will
> be
> pretty close to $16000.  We have built a few custom units for various
> customers.  The problem is memory pricing.  Keeps fluctating.  Check the
> actual
> config pricing with the vendor and get a quote.


That price seems right to me.  We just purchased a Quad Opteron (although it
was with 846, not 848 cpus).  It is a Newisys 4300; we purchased through
Colfax International.

4 X Opteron 846 (2.0 GHz)
16 GB (8 X 2GB) PC2700 DDR ECC
4 X 73.5 GB 10K SCSI w/ Ultra320 SCSI RAID (space for 2 more hot swap
N+1 Power
3U Enclosure
3 Yr. NBD Parts/Depot Return Labor
No OS installed

$16,750 + S&H

We had this exact same system (Newisys 4300) bid by 3 different vendors.
Vendor #2 was only slightly higher while vendor #3 was $4,000 more.
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