[Bioclusters] gigabit ethernet performance

Tim Cutts bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Fri, 9 Jul 2004 21:15:35 +0100

On 9 Jul 2004, at 5:57 pm, Borries Demeler wrote:

> Just another benchmark for gigabit:
> In copying from a dual Xeon with dual IDE RAID0 to a quad Xeon with
> RAID5 SCSI over gigabit I get 31 MB/sec (this was measured using
> the Linux "time" command on a 41 MB file). This is using rcp without
> compression/encryption. The filesystem on both ends is reiserfs.  I 
> think
> this is pretty typical. Most likely the transfer speed will be greater
> when there is no disk overhead involved.

~30 MB/sec sounds about right to me.  We get 36 MB/sec between our 
AlphaServer ES45 boxes; that's GBit ethernet, and HP StorageWorks HSV 
RAID controllers; there's no way the disk is the limiting factor in our 
set up - we can get about 200 MB/sec on the HSV controllers.  I think 
the low 30's is about what GBit can sustain.


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