[Bioclusters] Metabolomics applications?

Barak Shenhav bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 2 Jun 2004 09:53:38 +0200

have a look at http://arep.med.harvard.edu/moma/

You might actually get in touch with the authors...

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>Jay:  Well, I read your request with interest.  Something along the lines of 
your interest might be a relatively new group of established investigators set 
up to study phospholipid metabolism in macrophages,
>  The goal is apparently to characterize all lipids in the cell as well as 
those generated uniquely as part of its function and then to define/refine the 
various metabolic pathways and various interrelationships.
>   From an IT perspective I assume that the data collection i.e. a lot of 
LC/MS, will be massive etc and so you have the usual data accumulation 
problem.  I understand that the group intends to make all data available for 
public access etc so you
>will have the generation of new platforms for presentation and distribution 
of data.
>   The metabolome has been sort of skewed towards the DNA/RNA/protein side of 
things (see this web site for instance!)and hopefully projects such as this 
will level the playing field a bit for the many aspects of metabolism that are 
also of
>considerable interest and importance.
>Regards, D. Purdon
>PS.  Beware that everyone seems to be jumping on the "omic" bandwagon these 
days. I mean after the genome wars aren't we just getting back to good old 
biochemistry and physiology with a new shot in the arm from new perspectives 
>> From: "Jay Owen" <jay.owen@comcast.net>
>> Date: 2004/06/01 Tue PM 07:34:20 CDT
>> To: <bioclusters@bioinformatics.org>
>> Subject: [Bioclusters] Metabolomics applications?
>> I'm doing some initial academic research on tools used for metabolomics 
(definitions vary, basically described as the analysis of small-molecule 
metabolites present in cells in a particular physiological or developmental 
state).  It is
>complementary to proteomics and transcriptomics.
>> I am wondering two things.  First, are there any emerging tools or 
applications that are generally associated with this field of biochemistry?   
Second, assuming applications exist, are there any implications for the IT 
platforms to support these
>applications ?
>> Any pointers to interesting web sites or personal insights would be 
>> thanks,
>> Jay
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