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Saharinen Juha bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Thu, 03 Jun 2004 09:41:27 +0300

Hi Juan,

We recently tested many different platforms (Intel Xeons and Itaniums, =
AMD Athlons and Opterons, IBM p690 and Apple G5) when we were building =
our cluster. The results were something different than what you can see =
on manufacturers' www-pages.=20

Briefly, the AMD Opterons were clearly fastest in almost all testes =
(different bioinformatics apps) we ran and since the price we got for =
the opteron based cluster was the best the decision was pretty easy for =

I'm aware this topic could be of interest to many readers of this =
discussion, but I'm a bit hesitant to put the results publicly here. =
Nevertheless, just email me and we can continue more in detail on this =
topic, if you or anyone else are/is interested.

Best regards,


Juha Saharinen, PhD
Bioinformatics and DNA arrays unit
Department of Molecular Medicine
National Public Health Institute
Helsinki, Finland
Email: Juha.Saharinen@KTL.Fi
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Fax: +358-9-4744 8480=20

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> Just wondering if anyone out there has had recent experience with =
> any size cluster with the new Xserve G5's.  We're trying to make a
> decision
> between a linux system and the Xserves for our cluster and would like =
> gauge the overall sentiment of anyone with experience on these new
> machines.
> Juan Perin
> Bioinformatics Core
> Children's hospital of Philadelphia
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