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Hi Jeff,

I just sent out a similar email for some of the new employees here, so =
hopefully this will be of help to you and some of the other members of =
this list as well.

I came from the wet lab side of Molecular Biology. =20

I really like "Introduction to Computational Molecular Biology" by Joao =
Setubal and Joao Meidanis.  It does a great job at covering the basics.  =


You might want to take a look at Paulo's Books on Bioinformatics & =
Molecular Modeling at Amazon.


Other books:

Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis=20
by David W. Mount (Paperback)=20

Bioinformatics Computing=20
by Bryan Bergeron (Author) (Paperback)=20

by T. A. Brown, Austen Brown =20

Your in great shape with number 3 on your list below.

Best regards,


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> Hello,
> I'm planning a career shift to bioinformatics=20
> sysadmin/research and want to
> know from you, dear list,
> what books might best prepare me given my background.
> -  Ph.D. Theoretical Chemistry 1997.
>   (solved geometry optimizations using Genetic Algorithm,=20
> Neural Nets, among
> other less tasty tidbits)
> - Last 7 years full-time Unix administration.
> To fill my molecular biology gaps (with emphasis on DNA) and=20
> catch up on
> advances in pattern classification=20
> (its been almost 10 years since my GA optimization paper=20
> ...owch )  my 1st
> iteration is:
> 1) Molecular Biology of the Gene 5th edition (Watson et al)
> 2) Pattern Classification (Duda, Hart and Stork)
> 3) Biological Sequence Analysis (Durbin, Eddy, Krogh, and Mitchison)
> I'd be especially happy to hear from those of you who came to=20
> your career in
> bioinformatics/cluster
> computing from a similar background as me.
> best,
> Jeff
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