[Bioclusters] NCBI BLAST 2.2.8 RPMs available

Joe Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Mon, 15 Mar 2004 07:14:59 -0500


  Redid packaging of the NCBI toolkit RPMs.  The binaries are better 
captured by the newer system, and the sizes are somewhat larger.  
Packages built for P4 (labeled i686), Opteron (x86_64), Athlon, and 
source (src).  The packages are located at 
http://downloads.scalableinformatics.com/downloads/ncbi/  and labeled 
2.2.8-1 .  The x86_64 was built under Fedora Core for AMD64, working on 
getting a SUSE load on the machine as well.  The athlon and p4 packages 
were built under RH9.0.  If you try to install a binary and it fails to 
work (crashes and dumps core), pull the source and run (as root)

       rpmbuild --rebuild NCBI-2.2.8-1.src.rpm

on your machine.  It will eventually generate the RPM barring 
compilation/permissions problems.  You might need to do this if you are 
using a pre-RedHat 9.0 machine (the NPTL issue).  


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