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The first volume of Nucleic Acid and research journal every year has a
list of biology databases and updates.



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The Rat Genome Database runs off Oracle, I think Saccharomyces Genome=20
Database does too, Mouse Genome Database runs off Sybase I believe. At=20
RGD we also use MySQL for other tools and its a great platform. You=20
should also look at PostgreSQL which is the other leading open source=20
RDBMS - it has many of the features of a commercial package like Oracle=20
which MySQL might lack but is free and also has good support with third=20
party tools (db drivers, etc). The Generic Model Organism Database=20
project (GMOD, http://www.gmod.org) is using this for their RDBMS=20
platform instead of MySQL for many of these reasons.


On Mar 15, 2004, at 11:30 AM, Dr. Hari Koduvely wrote:

> Hi, I would like to know if RDBMS (Relational Data
> Base Management Systems) is extensively used in Bioinformatics Data=20
> Bases. If it indeed true, what is the most suited RDBMS, Oracle?
> Regards
> -Hari
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