[Bioclusters] Question about grid

Tim Cutts bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Mon, 17 May 2004 20:12:00 +0100

On 17 May 2004, at 7:07 pm, Karl Podesta wrote:

> SETI@home is a distributed computing project - not a Grid project.
> It is essentially a single program, special-purpose, and many people
> choose to run it on their computers. A Grid is a network, or an
> infrastructure (rather than a program), so it's a different sort of 
> concept.

*sigh* I knew someone would pick me up on that.  I think whether it 
counts as a grid depends on your definition, and there are dozens of 
subtly different definitions of grid that people define.

If you consider a compute grid to be a collection of machines, 
dynamically changing, under different political controls, being made 
available for the use of some application, then Seti@home certainly 

As you say, it all depends on your definition.