[Bioclusters] OS X/XGRID versus Linux/MPI

Kevin Blanchard kevin at kevinblanchard.com
Thu Nov 25 17:28:27 EST 2004

Has anyone had any experience using OS X with Xgrid (all on local LAN) , 
versus a linux setup  running MPI.  I know some still debate the true 
definition of cluster vs grid, and whether you can truly have a LAN Grid 
,etc.. anyway semantics aside. Basically looking to see if anyone has 
been using Xgrid with in a LAN environment.  The cost is much greater, 
but setup is a no brainer for Xgrid.  I was trying to google some 
performance comparisons with not much luck.  Any one have any stories , 
good or bad, to share using xgrid?

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