[Bioclusters] job queueing systems for ibm blade center

Joe Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Sun, 26 Sep 2004 20:58:29 -0400

Condor is a different animal.  It places your code into various 
environments that you need to link into your code, or into a standard 
environment if the code cannot be relinked. 

Condor is also less of a "product" and more of a research and 
development platform.  There aren't too many commercial entities that 
support Condor, while SGE has multiple commercial support options, and 
most hardware OEMs support LSF.

Condor does run on windows, linux, unix, and other OSes. SGE runs on 
linux and unix, and windows ports may be in the works.  LSF runs on most 
platforms.  All will enable you to run MPI jobs, run on a grid 
environment (Condor and SGE have Globus integration as open source 
options, and Platform has an integrated product suite to enable this).

The run scripts are not interchangeable, and there is a significant 
learning curve in transitioning from SGE/LSF to Condor (or vice versa). 

Condor is designed more for high throughput computing than classical 
supercomputing queuing (the basis for LSF and Codine which was the 
predecessor to GridEngine).  It supports some features such as 
checkpoint quite nicely (relative to the other environments). It has 
support for things like cycle stealing and other interesting bits that 
the others do not do.

As an active research platform, there are other interesting active 
research tools that surround it. 

(shameless plug: we support SGE/LSF currently, and may be supporting 
Condor for a customer shortly)

Barak Shenhav wrote:

>Would anyone comment where Condor stands compare to SGE, Torque and LSF?
>On Sun, September 26, 2004 8:06 pm, Chris Dwan said:
>>>SGE supports more platforms than TORQUE, but if you only use Linux,
>>>then both of them work fine.
>>>Since SGE/TORQUE are free, you can always try them. If neither of them
>>>work, then you can go for LSF, but it is not free and it supports less
>>>platforms than SGE.
>>LSF:  http://www.platform.com/services/support/services/platforms6.0.asp
>>SGE:  http://gridengine.sunsource.net/project/gridengine/download60.html
>>How are you counting a "platform?"  It looks like exactly the opposite
>>to me, based on a casual perusal of the lists.
>>-Chris Dwan
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