[Bioclusters] Advice:Several Linux Clusters and FLEXLM

Joe Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Thu, 30 Sep 2004 12:31:30 -0400

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Daniel.G.Roberts@aventis.com wrote:

> Hello All
> Anyone have any experience using FlexLM servers with several different 
> linux clusters?
> In essence, I have three separate linux clusters which need to 
> communicate with a flexlm server.
> I can find several examples of one cluster communicating with a flexlm 
> server, but what about more than one cluster?
> Thanks for any direction!

Not too painful, simply designate a single (visibly to all cluster 
compute nodes) resource to be your license server.  If needed, you can 
multihome this system, or set up NAT on the head nodes to allow the 
compute nodes in all systems to see it.

I have set up a few of these for customers before, it is usually not 
difficult, even with integration with a scheduler.

> Sincerely
> Dan

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