[Bioclusters] General question on time consuming problems

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Wed Apr 20 09:25:51 EDT 2005

Hi folks:

  Sorry for the "spam", I will try to keep this short/simple.  Basically 
some questions on needs for the computational folks.

  We are looking at what computational needs exist today and what people 
think they will need tomorrow, and of course, clusters and their ilk are 
a major factor in this.  What we are curious about (either online or 
off-line) are to hear about what computational bottlenecks exist for 
your processes today, and what you perceive as rate-limiting factors for 
the future.  As usual, we have our own particular biases, but we really 
want to hear from folks working in academic/industrial research and 
development, biotech/pharma, ... .  Are computational bottlenecks the 
major problem you are running into today?   What do you see in the 
future in terms of rate limiting efforts?  If you had an "infinitely 
fast" cluster (like a blue-gene from IBM), how would like impact your 

  Our goal is to broadly sound out the community and see what people 
need.  No sales people will call.   This is mostly about making sure we 
are barking up the right trees, and are not off in left field in terms 
of our performance focus.  We figured that the biocluster/biobb lists 
are good places to ask these questions, as most folks who are 
running/using clusters are doing so because they need the extra cycles 
that clusters offer.

  Thanks in advance!


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