[Bioclusters] Problems with gridEngine on OS X

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Apr 21 20:54:16 EDT 2005

Hi Randy,

I've got no additional clue on your Motif issues. My comment about X11 
SDK mainly came from me trying to figure out what may be different about 
my local configurations versus what you are using. That was the only 
think I could come up with.

It may be worth comparing between ourselves where we each got Motif 
from. I've used precompiled motif binaries from the web and I've also 
used openmotif from fink successfully in the past.

Anyway I'll contact you off-list for the followup binary and messages so 
as to keep the sge-motif-osx traffic down a bit on this list!


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