[Bioclusters] Anyone interested in distributing on Windows?

Brodie, Kent brodie at mcw.edu
Thu Apr 21 22:32:26 EDT 2005

My two comments:


a)       Can we avoid commercial advertising on this list?   Thanks.

b)       There are already public packages that work with Windows,
"condor" is a nifty tool that comes to mind...





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Would anyone on this list have any interest in working with software
that can manage distributed computing on Windows machines?


I've been on the mailing list for over a year, and I realize that nearly
all of the work that is going on here is Linux based (and most of it
that isn't Linux is OS X).  But we have a solution that is very easy to
install and use and there may be people out there who could take
advantage of Windows servers, desktops or cluster nodes in their lab or


The system can run on any Microsoft OS since 2000, and can distribute
any executables or scripts that run on that platform (we've done much of
our internal testing using NCBI BLAST).  We are working with beta users
now, and plan a commercial release in June.  Please contact me directly
if you're interested in working with our beta.


Daniel Ciruli

Product Manager

Digipede Technologies

dan at digipede.net


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