[Bioclusters] Webserver Hardware Spec

Ran Rubinstein ranrub at md.huji.ac.il
Mon Aug 1 11:47:01 EDT 2005


Chris is right - other important factors are what infrastructure you have at
your site: Do you have an available system administrator, and for which OS? Do
you have good service contracts with a specific hw vendor? Do you need to
integrate with your site's IT infrastructure? Additionaly, the setup depends on
the volume of clients you plan to serve, their profiles (anyone from the web,
registered individuals, or only internal use); The level of service and
availability (what uptime will you need; Do you need a test environment to run
in parallel with a production environment).
The best thing you can do is get an expert to analyze your requirments, or if
you can't pay - get free advice from a hw vendor (the quality of which depends
on the strength of your relationship with the vendor).


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