[Bioclusters] SGE vs. LSF

Richard Wonka richard.wonka at web.de
Wed Aug 17 04:19:59 EDT 2005

Hey all,

> Richard: Does SGE work for you, and do you have anything that you don't
> like with SGE??
There are two things bothering me at the moment:
 1) There will likely be need to expand the setup to more locations. 
      -> This part has already shown that I ought to test LSF.
 2) right now I've only seen openPBS and the free version of SGE and I feel that
I couldn't decide to go with SGE without having at least looked at and found out 
more about LSF. (or is there anything else that You feel I should consider?)

> 1) DRMAA:
> It's supposed to be batch system independent... it already has support
> for Perl, Java, and .Net. The best thing is that you can use the same
> code to interact with SGE, Condor, Gridway... and PBS in the future.
How does LSF fit into this list?

> 2) tight integration with parallel environments:
Most likely this won't be necessary, but one never knows. 
I know that there is support for Parallel environments in SGE and LSF and the need 
for a little configuration wouldn't influence my decision.

> 3) reliability/resiliency/failover
> Not a lot of people need Berkeley DB spooling. For small clusters, just
> use classic spooling. You can pick which one you want at installation
> time. But for those who need Berkeley DB spooling, they will likely
> have HA filesystems.
Well this one here has been set up with BDB, and I assume that'll be okay.

> 4) Grid:
> Agreed that Multicluster is better than Globus...
Okay, that's a statement. (If You want to elaborate on why, I'll listen ;-)

> 5) Sun does offer support for all the platforms (except: Free/Net/*BSD,
> IA64, PPC, NEX SX, Cray):
> http://www.sun.com/software/gridware/
Platform support isn't that much of an issue since we're not running that many. 
Pretty much adds up to Solaris (8,9,10) and Debian GNU/Linux - not sure if we 
want to have the IRIX-boxes in the grid as well.


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