[Bioclusters] BLAS on OSX cluster

Juan Carlos Perin bic at genome.chop.edu
Wed Feb 2 16:47:09 EST 2005

I'm installing and testing out MPI and BLAS on my local G5 desktop, in order
to attempt to run LINPACK.   Ultimately, I would like to run Linpack on our
Apple cluster to get some figures...

Installing BLAS is taking a long time.  And I assume the libraries are
required on every node for linpack to run properly. Is there an easy way to
do this?  

Also, this plays into a few other issues.  Installing MPI blast seems to
have been relatively straightforward, although the same issue was asked, and
we decided that copying the final binaries to each node would be sufficient.
This seemed to work, but still leaves some doubt in my mind.  Should we be
compiling on each node?  I know BLAS is a set of libraries,  so this is not
as simple as copying a few binaries, but there must be an easier way... I'm
naïve to this area.

This also begs the question, would it be best to configure out head-node
exactly how we want it with all the correct libraries, and then simply
re-image each node with a boot disk image of the headnode?

Juan Perin

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