[Bioclusters] BLAS on OSX cluster

puzzlebird puzzlebird at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 07:35:52 EST 2005

I see no reason to re-image the node. Generally you can choose the base
folder (ie. /usr/local/) of your blat installation and synchronize each node
with the head node with the old but power "rsync" tool.

It works like a charm in my Apple cluster.

On 2/3/05 5:47 AM, "Juan Carlos Perin" <bic at genome.chop.edu> wrote:

> I'm installing and testing out MPI and BLAS on my local G5 desktop, in order
> to attempt to run LINPACK.   Ultimately, I would like to run Linpack on our
> Apple cluster to get some figures...
> Installing BLAS is taking a long time.  And I assume the libraries are
> required on every node for linpack to run properly. Is there an easy way to
> do this?  
> Also, this plays into a few other issues.  Installing MPI blast seems to
> have been relatively straightforward, although the same issue was asked, and
> we decided that copying the final binaries to each node would be sufficient.
> This seemed to work, but still leaves some doubt in my mind.  Should we be
> compiling on each node?  I know BLAS is a set of libraries,  so this is not
> as simple as copying a few binaries, but there must be an easier way... I'm
> naïve to this area.
> This also begs the question, would it be best to configure out head-node
> exactly how we want it with all the correct libraries, and then simply
> re-image each node with a boot disk image of the headnode?
> Thanks,
> Juan Perin
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