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Maria Mirto maria.mirto at unile.it
Sat Feb 19 08:25:12 EST 2005

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                         CALL FOR PAPERS

1st IEEE Workshop on High Performance Computing in Medicine and Biology

                        held in conjunction with
The 11th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems
                               (ICPADS 2005)

        Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT), Fukuoka, Japan
                             July 20-22, 2005

HiPCoMB-2005 Home Page: http://www.pdcl.wayne.edu/HiPCoMB-2005

(Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this Call for Papers)


   Paper submission:        February 28, 2005
   Author Notification:     April 07, 2005
   Camera-Ready Papers:     April 21, 2005


The  First Workshop  on High Performance    Computing in Medicine  and
Biology (HiPCoMB-05), held in conjunction with  ICPADS 2005 in Fukuoka
City,   Japan brings together researchers    in  computer science  and
engineering, medicine, and biology that use high performance computing
to solve computationally expensive  problems in medicine  and biology.
The workshop  will provide a forum  for presenting  and exchanging new
ideas and experiences in this area.

Topics of   interest  include high performance   algorithms,  systems,
architecture, and tools for the following: (but are not limited to the
following list)

     * Microarray Analysis
     * RNAi Analysis
     * Systems Biology
     * Computational Genomics
     * Comparative Genomics
     * DNA Assembly, Clustering, and Mapping
     * Gene identification and annotation
     * Computational Proteomics
     * Evolution and Phylogenetics
     * Protein Structure Predication and Modeling
     * Medical Image Processing
     * Computer Assisted Surgery
     * Computational Medicine Modeling
     * Computational Biology Modeling
     * Augmented Reality
     * Medical Informatics


Talks will  be accepted on the  basis of a  paper  of approximately 15
single-column pages that describes the work, its significance, and the
current status  of the  research.   Submit one  electronic copy of the
paper in PostScript or PDF format by February  15, 2005.  Please visit
the workshop home page for submission instructions.

Notification of   acceptance  will be  given by  March  22, 2005,  and
camera-ready papers  will be due  April 21, 2005. Accepted papers will
be   given  guidelines    in  preparing  and    submitting the   final
manuscript(s) together  with  the   notification  of acceptance.   All
accepted papers  will  be presented at  the  workshop  and included in
proceedings that will  be distributed at  the workshop.  In  addition,
authors of selected papers from the workshop will be invited to submit
extended versions  of their papers for publication  in a special issue
of  the International    Journal   of  Bioinformatics    Research  and


        Laurence T. Yang      St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
                                    email: lyang at stfx.ca

        Albert Zomaya              University of Sydney, Australia
                                    email:  zomaya at it.usyd.edu.au

         Vipin Chaudhary       Wayne State University, USA
                                     email: vipin at wayne.edu
         Andrei Doncescu       LAAS, National Center for Scientific
                                     email:  adoncesc at laas.fr
         Yi Pan                      Georgia State University, USA
                                     email:  pan at cs.gsu.edu


        David Abramson, Monash University, Australia
        davida at csse.monash.edu.au

        Enrique Alba, University of Malaga, Spain
        eat at lcc.uma.es

        Srinivas Aluru, Iowa State University, USA
        aluru at iastate.edu

        Shahid H. Bokhari, University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan
        shb at acm.org

        Vincent Breton, CNRS/IN2P3, LPC Clermont-Ferrand, France
        breton at clermont.in2p3.fr

        Kevin Burrage, University of Queensland, Australia kb at maths.uq.edu.au

        Amitava Data, University of Western Australia, Australia
        datta at csse.uwa.edu.au

        Hans de Sterck, University of Waterloo,        Canada
        hdesterck at math.uwaterloo.ca

        Mario Rosario Guarracino, ICAR-CNR, Italy
        mario.guarracino at cps.na.cnr.it

        Ryoko Hayashi, Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST),
        Japan ryoko at jaist.ac.jp

        Matthew He, Nova Southeastern University, USA
        hem at nsu.nova.edu

        Alfons Hoekstra, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
        alfons at science.uva.nl

        Xiaohua (Tony) Hu, Drexel University, USA
        thu at cis.drexel.edu

        Chun-Hsi Huang  University of Connecticut, USA huang at engr.uconn.edu

        Arun Krishnan, Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore
        arun at bii.a-star.edu.sg

        Joseph Landman, Scalable Informatics, LLC
        landman at scalableinformatics.com

        Wenjun Li, UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA
        liwenjun2k at yahoo.com

        Yiming Li, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
        ymli at mail.nctu.edu.tw

        Robert L. Martino, National Institutes of Health, USA
        Robert.Martino at nih.gov

        Maria Mirto
        University of Lecce, Italy
        maria.mirto at unile.it

        Michael Mascagni, Florida State University, USA
        mascagni at fsu.edu

        Martin Middendorf, University of Leipzig, Germany
        middendorf at informatik.uni-leipzig.de

        Giri Narasimhan, Florida International University, USA
giri at cs.fiu.edu

        Jun Ni, University of Iowa, USA
        jun-ni at uiowa.edu

        Sergei Petoukhov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
        petoukhov at hotmail.com

        Pascal Poulet, French West Indies UNiversity, France
        Pascal.Poullet at univ-ag.fr

        Youxing Qu, Univresity of Georgia, USA
        youxing at csbl.bmb.uga.edu

        Nagiza Samatova, Oak Ridge National Lab, USA
        samatovan at ornl.gov

        Bertil Schmidt, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
        ASBSchmidt at ntu.edu.sg

        Tony Solomonides, University of the West of England, UK
        Tony.Solomonides at uwe.ac.uk

        El-Ghazali Talbi, LIFL, France
        talbi at lifl.fr

        Daming Wei, University of Aizu, Japan
        dm-wei at u-aizu.ac.jp

        Tiffani Williams, University of New Mexico, USA
        tlw at cs.unm.edu

        C. M. Yang, Nankai University, China
        yangchm at nankai.edu.cn

        Yanqing Zhang, Georgia State University, USA
        yzhang at cs.gsu.edu

        Bingbing Zhou, University of Sydney, Australia
        bbz at it.usyd.edu.au

Information related to ICPADS 2005 is available at the official ICPADS
2005 Web site: http://www.takilab.k.dendai.ac.jp/conf/icpads/2005/

ICPADS  2005 is Co-sponsored by IEEE  Computer  Society TCDP and TCPP,
and Fukuoka Institute of Technology (FIT), in cooperation with Fukuoka
City,  IPSJ  (Information Processing Society   of Japan)  SIGDPS, IEEE
Taipei Section, IEEE HonKong Section, SCAT, and AOARD/AOR.

Maria Mirto

PhD student, Center for Advanced Computational Technologies
via per Monteroni, 73100 Lecce (Le), ITALY
ph:  +39 0832 297304
fax: +39 0832 297279

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