[Bioclusters] O'Reilly Clusters Book Review

James Cuff jcuff at broad.mit.edu
Fri Feb 25 12:43:18 EST 2005

On Feb 25, 2005, at 3:23 AM, Glen Otero wrote:

> My review of O'Reilly's latest clusters book published at HPCwire 
> (http://www.tgc.com/hpcwire.html):

Glen, bit out of character for you this.  I just can't help but feel it 
has a slight air of sour grapes to it.  I've seen far worse books...  
ever tried to learn about Oracle from a book?  Exactly ;-).

I think we should be a bit more proactive here.  It's a real small 
world.  There was a mention of a 'bioclusters book' on this list a 
while ago... maybe we should lead by example?  I'd be happy throw in a 

However, all I know about writing books is that takes for ever and 
ever, it's really hard work, big fat personal egos get in the way of 
good content, most of it is out of date by the time you finish, and in 
the end no one ever seems to thank you for it.



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