[Bioclusters] Is the "OR" job dependency useful??

Malay mbasu at mail.nih.gov
Thu Jan 6 12:49:53 EST 2005

Rayson Ho wrote:
> Gridengine currently has the "AND" operator job dependency:
> A,B -> C
> ie. we need to wait for job A and B finish before we start job C.
> There are discussions on the SGE dev mailing list about adding the OR
> job dependency:
> A|B -> C
> So job C will start as soon as job A or job B finishes.
> I am wondering if this is useful in bioinformatics job flows??

As far as bioinformatics goes I am afraid most of the bioinformatics 
applications are embarassingly independant :) Although such dependancy 
resolution issues will have it's niche application but I guess it's very 
limited as far as bioinformatics goes.


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