[Bioclusters] Versions of Blast that run on a cluster?

Malay mbasu at mail.nih.gov
Thu Jan 6 12:58:34 EST 2005

Ralf Sigmund wrote:
> Bernard Li wrote:
>> Hi Malay:
>> Are there any documentations and/or papers which describe such a setup?
>> I would assume that there would be general interest in seeing how such a
>> setup could be implemented.

I really don't know what you meant my this. If you mean splitting the 
input jobs then I do most of my work on LSF, and I use my own custom 
script to do this. If more people are interested I can port it to other 
systems. The script is very intelligent in that it can detect machine 
faulire, NSF problem and create a black-listed node before relauching jobs.

If you meant "pull-technique" then though I worked on it for some-time, 
I gave up because of machine access issues. The method require more 
access to nodes which in normal setup scenario simply not available for 
a normal user. As I consider primarily a user, I simply don't like 
working on anything that's not available for normal users. Having said 
that, there are ways and means to actually set it up by a normal user 
(my abandoned work might give some clues). If any one of you interested 
I might revive the project.


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