[Bioclusters] Re: Version of Blast that run on a cluster? (Joe Landman)

Guy Coates gmpc at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Jan 7 05:36:36 EST 2005

> The 64 bit code is faster on Opterons by 10-30% as compared to
> "identically compiled" 32 bit code.  Not sure on EM64T.  For older
> Xeons, you can only run 32 bit code, so the point is somewhat moot.

On our EMT64 testing we found that the 32bit versions run slightly faster
than the 64bit versions.

These are runtimes for various algos on  a 3.0GHz EMT64:

Algorithm		32Bit	64bit

Wublastn		34.70	40.34
Wublastp		375.26	219.61
Wutblastn		785.54	713.88
genewise		95.16	113.99
exonerate		550.22	588.17



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