[Bioclusters] Problem with parsing mpi blast report with BPlite

Jason Stajich jason.stajich at duke.edu
Wed Jan 26 11:10:20 EST 2005

We fixed this in Bio::SearchIO.   BPlite is an older but lightweight 

On Jan 25, 2005, at 10:23 PM, Rakhi Bhat NONLILLY wrote:

> Hi ,
> I am using the BPlite perl module to parse my blast reports. It works 
> very well for NCBI output but has problems with mpiblast.
> Primarily because mpiblast reports don't have a footer. I could fix 
> this problem but now when I run mpiblast  for protein databases ,
> the output doesn't contain the "Identities" line for some query 
> sequences which again causes my BPlite to fail.
> Has anyone else faced this problem ? My mpiblast version is 1.2.1.
> Thanks,
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