[Bioclusters] 64-bit libraries for 32-bit application?

Alan Ng alan at aldrix.net
Thu Jul 21 04:22:31 EDT 2005

Hi Simon,

Most distributions comes with 32 and 64-bit libraries for the x86_64.
For fedora, 64-bit libraries are in all the lib64 (/lib64, /usr/lib64
etc) directories and 32-bit libraries are in the usual lib directories
(/lib, /usr/lib etc). There's no problem running 32-bit applications in
a 64-bit OS as long as all the libraries that the application needs are
available in 32-bit and the path is in /etc/ld.so.conf. The linux
library linker is smart enough most of the time to find the appropriate
libraries for the application. Most of the time, at least.

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Vsevolod (Simon) Ilyushchenko wrote:

> Tim, Joe and Jeremy - thank you for your answers. On my servers, I try
> to install everything I can from RPMs and compile the rest. Thus, R,
> which is not present in Fedora, relies on libraries like readline
> which *are* present. I was hoping there is an easy way out, but now
> I'll have to change my approach. I'd rather not mix 32- and 64-bit
> libraries on the same machine, though.
> Simon
> Tim Cutts wrote on 07/20/2005 05:31 AM:
>> Ah yes - I missed the point of the OP's original question.  So why 
>> not just install the 32-bit version of libreadline?
>> Tim
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