[Bioclusters] topbiocluster.org

James Cuff jcuff at broad.mit.edu
Thu Jun 23 12:08:10 EDT 2005


So I put my money where my mouth is, (well 50 bucks anyway)

http://topbiocluster.org is alive

(well once the DNS gets pushed everywhere that is, I only set it last
night, some of you may have to hang fire for a bit :-))

We all talk a lot on this list about which cluster this, that and the
other for application this that and the rest.  I also saw the last top500
list yesterday, and to be frank I'm all done with linpak, we do other
stuff, and it matters.

There are two good benchmark tools I know of, both are currently listed on
the topbiocluster.org 'site', but I'm going to need a bit of help from
folk to actually get this thing off the ground.

My first thoughts are we build a list of what is actually out there in
terms of bioclusters, bit like Glen's QA mail from the other day, then we
start to go about doing the benchmark gig.

I'm also looking to the vendors a bit here (I know some of you folk hang
out in here :-)).  Let me know off list if I'm opening up a can of worms,
or if you would like to help.  I want to keep this open, but there are
often things best talked about off list...

If we get this thing right it _will_ be a one stop shop for biocluster

I really want to capture NFS/SAN/storage figures in here, we all know it's
not just about the number of CPUs.  We really need to see if we can
capture the whole *cluster* performance, not just raw CPU horsepower...

So, let's open this up, and lets get talking...  

- How can we best start to fill in this web site?

- Would people be happy to submit figures about their cluster?

- What numbers shall we use for ranking?  What to run etc.

- How do we capture storage aspects?

I'm happy to do some of the grunt work here to collect information etc.  
I guess it's best that we keep all the chat open on this list, and I'll
see what pops up.  As things come in, I'll start to flesh out the website
soem more.  Also, once we have a bit more of a scope as to what we will
actually rank, list and store, I'll be happpy to start on the mysql
database, and get things rocking.  

submit at topbiocluster.org will work to send things in so I can get them
into a database if we actually get going on it.

Let's see what happens, this could be a bumpy ride, but it should be fun.

"Cabin crew, doors to automatic and cross check!"

So I guess the floor is now open... 



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