[Bioclusters] Direct connect infiniband/quadrics?

Rayson Ho raysonlogin at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 10:46:55 EST 2005

--- Tim Cutts <tjrc at sanger.ac.uk> wrote:
> Did you consider an 8-way SGI Altix 350?
> It might suit your application well, and might even fit in that
> budget 
> (just).

The IA64/Itanic is not good at integer code, and it is expensive and
sucks lots of power. Opteron is much better and more common IMO.


> The NUMALink interconnect is very fast indeed.  Although I'd probably
> be tempted to go for a few more nodes, and use GBit for the 
> interconnect.
> How many jobs do these people typically want to run at a time?  If
> it's 
> more than one at a time, then buy four quad-CPU Opteron nodes, GBit 
> connected, and run up to four 4-CPU jobs at a time.  No need for the 
> MPI to use the interconnect then, and the throughput of the cluster 
> will be very good (although individual job turnaround will be
> slower).  
> It's worth considering.
> Tim
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