[Bioclusters] InterProScan and condor?

Aaron Darling darling at cs.wisc.edu
Wed Mar 16 18:33:21 EST 2005

This talk of submitting jobs from perl to several different queueing 
systems reminds me of an issue I've been meaning to inquire about.  Last 
I checked, InterProScan comes packaged with submission scripts for LSF, 
PBS, and SGE, but not condor.

Is anybody out there successfully using InterProScan with a condor 
cluster?  If so, would you be willing to share details of your setup and 
the glue code required to get InterProScan to submit condor jobs?

I made a quick stab at a submission script but never had time to debug 
it.  One may say "how hard can it be?  It's just a small piece of glue 
code!"  I seem to have run into a strange condor bug that the condor 
guys here at UW haven't been able to track down.


Rayson Ho wrote:

>If we can seperate the "intelligent" part and the LSF interface, it may
>be more useful...
>And rewrite the LSF interface in DRMAA (DRMAA has the Perl bindings
>already), then we can have it interface with Gridengine, Gridway,
>PBSPro, or Condor.
>--- Malay <mbasu at mail.nih.gov> wrote:
>>Hi All:
>>Sometimes back I wrote a perl module for submitting jobs to LSF que.
>>module is moderately intelligent. In can start,modify,que,delete jobs
>>  LSF. It can also blacklist problematic nodes on the fly, and and
>>and restart jobs automatically.
>>My question is does anyone need this type of module, in that case,
>>clean up the code and write a documentation for it and make it
>>mbasu 'at' ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
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