[Bioclusters] InterProScan and condor?

Keith Keller kkeller at lbl.gov
Wed Mar 16 22:42:23 EST 2005

On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 06:03:46PM -0600, Zachary Miller wrote:
> funny how these timings work out.  i just talked to someone not 3 hours ago
> here at Condor Week who was running interproscan with condor and he said it
> works great.  i'll ask him for his script.

Was this with interproscan 4.0?  If so, can you make the modifications
public somehow (either to the list, if it's not too big, or on a

EBI provides a Condor submit script for iprscan v3.3 (it was written by
someone not at EBI), and that's what we've been using until I could make
time to write something for 4.0.  Of course I said that six months
ago....  It would be nice to have something for 4.0, as it seems that
their data library may start drifting away from 3.3 (the data 8.1
release started this trend, though it's still possible with mods to use
data 8.1 with iprscan 3.3).


Keith Keller
kkeller at lbl.gov
UC Berkeley Department of Bioengineering

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