[Bioclusters] Any one need a job submitting Perl module for LSF

Malay mbasu at mail.nih.gov
Wed Mar 16 23:09:13 EST 2005

This should be fun. I am right now talking to different guys who wrote 
me that they have something written already for different schedulars. 
Will come back as soon as something fruitful comes up. As you can 
understand it's easy to write such a module but not easy to actually 
debug and test it on different schedular platform. Let's see wheather we 
can actually come up with something. How about starting a new project at 
Bioinformatics.org? What do you guys say? Script for LSF, GridEngine and 
PBS is already there with us. It needs some redesigning a refactoring. 
We'll see what we can do about DRMAA.



Andrew D. Fant wrote:
> In the absence of someone willing to do the rewrite, I certainly have 
> users who would find this module useful.
> Andy
> Rayson Ho wrote:
>> If we can seperate the "intelligent" part and the LSF interface, it may
>> be more useful...
>> And rewrite the LSF interface in DRMAA (DRMAA has the Perl bindings
>> already), then we can have it interface with Gridengine, Gridway,
>> PBSPro, or Condor.
>> Rayson
>> --- Malay <mbasu at mail.nih.gov> wrote:
>>> Hi All:
>>> Sometimes back I wrote a perl module for submitting jobs to LSF que.
>>> The module is moderately intelligent. In can start,modify,que,delete 
>>> jobs
>>> in  LSF. It can also blacklist problematic nodes on the fly, and and
>>> kill and restart jobs automatically.
>>> My question is does anyone need this type of module, in that case,
>>> I'll clean up the code and write a documentation for it and make it
>>> public.
>>> -Malay
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