[Bioclusters] About an Xserve cluster

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Wed May 11 14:58:02 EDT 2005

Check out this URL:


In particular I really love this PDF called "Mac OS X Server Command  
Line Administration" and it is at this URL:  http://images.apple.com/ 

The above PDF has everything you need to configure your network  
devices via the command line.  It can be cryptic but it works.

Apple finally got to the point where 100% if GUI based activities can  
also be done via a command-line which is great for clusters and  
systems like headless Xserves where you may be doing stuff via SSH or  
serial console.  Some things can be a royal pain but they do work.

Also -- Apple has some very easy to use graphical admin tools (One of  
the main ones is called ServerAdmin). The GUI tools make it very easy  
to configure server settings and things like NFS shares etc.

The formal "Apple approved" way to do this sort of configuration  
stuff is through ServerAdmin. The command-line methods are for the  
hardcore and for fallback situations like connections via the Xserve  
serial port.


On May 11, 2005, at 2:41 PM, Carlos Lopez Nataren wrote:

> Hello, my name is Carlos López and I'm trying to setup a cluster with
> our 10 node Xserve system, I've tried to configure it using the  
> manuals
> found in the installation disks but I just can't.
> What I'm trying to do is to distribute account information from a  
> master
> node (which has 2 ethernet cards) and use NFS to distribute the home
> directories of each user (something I think is very easy to do with
> Linux, the system we usually use).
> The problem for me is, there is no information for such a  
> configuration
> in the documentation and I've tried to search over the apple
> documentation but it is very frustrating to read every single doc from
> Open Directory, File Services, User Management and ARS to do such a
> simple task.
> I've found very frustrating to configure even the ethernet cards, I  
> use
> one real IP address, then I configure the second card to use the
> configuration as follows:
> IP:
> Subnet mask:
> Router:
> DNS Server:
> I took this conf from the "Mac OS X Server Getting started" booklet  
> for
> version 10.3 or later and it kills the external interface, it just
> doesn't work.
> I'm very new to BSD so everything is kind of new to me, so I found  
> this
> list to ask you for a site concerning this kind of configuration, any
> help would be greatly appreciated.
> -- 
> Carlos Lopez Nataren <natorro at fisica.unam.mx>
> Instituto de Fisica, UNAM
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