[Bioclusters] About an Xserve cluster

Carlos Lopez Nataren natorro at fisica.unam.mx
Wed May 11 17:01:44 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-05-11 at 20:20 +0100, Tim Cutts wrote:
> On 11 May 2005, at 7:41 pm, Carlos Lopez Nataren wrote:
> > I've found very frustrating to configure even the ethernet cards, I use
> > one real IP address, then I configure the second card to use the
> > configuration as follows:
> >
> > IP:
> > Subnet mask:
> > Router:
> > DNS Server:
> Well, that certainly doesn't look right.  You're configuring the 
> interface to use send all packets destined for the subnet to itself, 
> and also telling it that itself is the DNS server.  Of course it's 
> going to go silent on you.  :-)

I'm using the parameter that the manual says, I've even used as the router, the DNS is that way because I configured it
to use the DNS server that comes with the mac, I think it works that
way, because if I don't use it that way the NFS server won't start.

> > I took this conf from the "Mac OS X Server Getting started" booklet for
> > version 10.3 or later and it kills the external interface, it just
> > doesn't work.
> > I'm very new to BSD so everything is kind of new to me, so I found this
> > list to ask you for a site concerning this kind of configuration, any
> > help would be greatly appreciated.
> I suspect you should probably look at the GUI tools first, and only 
> start manually configuring nodes if you have to.  One thing all of us 
> aim for in cluster building is that you should never have to configure 
> individual nodes by hand; it's doable for 10 or so machines, but is 
> totally unfeasible in larger configurations (such as here, where we 
> have a cluster of over 1000 nodes)
> Tim
Carlos Lopez Nataren <natorro at fisica.unam.mx>
Instituto de Fisica, UNAM

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