[Bioclusters] Research Study of Large, Computation-Intensive Grids

David Kramer dave at princetonsolutionsgroup.com
Wed May 25 16:50:49 EDT 2005

I am a market researcher who specializes in working with IT, biotech & other 
advanced technology companies.

We are currently looking into High Performance Computing in leading bio-
science organizations. Our study is primarily focused on the  real high-
performance, computation-intensive grids in pharma & life sciences.

More precisely, the essence of what we are studying are the larger grids of 
over 100 nodes -- running very select, breakthrough applications with advanced 
algorithms for bio- and chem-informatics. CPUs for core, business-driving 
discovery. As opposed to other grids that may be used for data center 
consolidation, for example. 

What we're trying to learn is: a) where are the 100-port+, high-performance 
computational grids in pharma and life sciences today, and b) what are the 
various "business requirements" that are driving their evolution.

If anyone can help with this exciting research assignment, it would be greatly 


David Kramer
Managing Director
Princeton Solutions Group, LLC


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