[Bioclusters] Research Study of Large, Computation-Intensive Grids

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Thanks for your question!

I know that there is a lot of confusion around how we are referring to
these technologies. 

What I am looking for may be called a cluster in the sense that a complete,
100+-node infrastructure of high-end, Xeon servers running Linux resides at
one location. It's probably connected to a SAN with fabric of Ethernet,
Infiniband or Fibre Channel.

And maybe they're running really sophisticated Celera or Accelrys

Is that consistent with your experience? 


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By "grid", do you mean "cluster"?

-Chris Dwan

On May 25, 2005, at 4:50 PM, David Kramer wrote:

> I am a market researcher who specializes in working with IT,  
> biotech & other
> advanced technology companies.
> We are currently looking into High Performance Computing in leading  
> bio-
> science organizations. Our study is primarily focused on the  real  
> high-
> performance, computation-intensive grids in pharma & life sciences.
> More precisely, the essence of what we are studying are the larger  
> grids of
> over 100 nodes -- running very select, breakthrough applications  
> with advanced
> algorithms for bio- and chem-informatics. CPUs for core, business- 
> driving
> discovery. As opposed to other grids that may be used for data center
> consolidation, for example.
> What we're trying to learn is: a) where are the 100-port+, high- 
> performance
> computational grids in pharma and life sciences today, and b) what  
> are the
> various "business requirements" that are driving their evolution.
> If anyone can help with this exciting research assignment, it would  
> be greatly
> appreciated!
> David
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