[Bioclusters] megablast crashes Linux machines?

peter_webb at agilent.com peter_webb at agilent.com
Fri May 27 17:51:00 EDT 2005

As part of qualification testing on my new cluster, I have a small
megablast run.


Every time I run it, two nodes crash.  Not the same two nodes every
time, so doesn't look like a hardware problem.


I'm going to drill down and see if I can find a small sample that
reliably takes down the machine.  Meantime, I thought I'd ask, have
others seen this?  We are running on SuperMicro dual Xeon nodes, the O/S
is RHE4 WS.


Prior to constructing this test set, megablast was crashing
occasionally, but not taking down the whole machine.





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